My Mandeko Kito 2 Haul

Baguio has long been a haven for art lovers, including people who love crafts and crafting. The second run of Mandeko Kito (Ibaloi for “Let’s sell!”) hosted artisans from all over the Cordilleras and ran every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of November – perfect timing to get in some Christmas shopping before the holiday rush. I made a few rounds on a rainy Friday afternoon … Continue reading My Mandeko Kito 2 Haul

Budget-Friendly Gourmet Fried Rice by Macsbox

Despite having lived in Baguio for most of my life, including my broke college (and broke new employee) days, I never indulged in Macsbox fried rice – until recently. Established in 2002, Macsbox has been a long-time favorite of students and anyone on a budget in need of a filling meal. Strategically located in front of the Saint Louis University main gate, they sold enough … Continue reading Budget-Friendly Gourmet Fried Rice by Macsbox

Final Girl: The Babadook

It’s time to get Babashook! In episode four of Final Girl, we talk about The Babadook. If you want to be scared but you’re not into jump scares and gratuitous gore, then you need to watch The Babadook. Underneath the creepy, unsettling exterior of the visuals is a different kind of horror – a story about loss, depression, and the drastic things they can push … Continue reading Final Girl: The Babadook

Late Lunch on a Foggy Afternoon at Arca’s Yard

Tucked away in the aptly-named Tiptop, Arca’s Yard offers a cafe experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s quite the journey getting there, especially compared to other, more convenient spots near the city center, but it’s well worth it once you arrive. If you’re looking for a quiet place where you can enjoy a meal and a hot drink surrounded by … Continue reading Late Lunch on a Foggy Afternoon at Arca’s Yard

The Long Road Home, part 2

In my previous blog, I talked about how we secured the requirements to leave Pasig City (and Metro Manila) under General Community Quarantine. We applied for entry into Baguio after the Pasig City Hall emailed us our documents (health certificate and travel authority). Once you have yours, you can sign up at the City Government of Baguio website to learn more about the requirements and … Continue reading The Long Road Home, part 2

The Long Road Home, part 1

I had always planned to return to Baguio after getting my master’s degree. Along with the looming expiration of our contract with our Pasig landlady, the COVID-19 pandemic put that plan on fast-forward. Partly due to the change of status back and forth from GCQ to ECQ to MECQ in Metro Manila, there was an overwhelming amount of information online, some of which was incomplete … Continue reading The Long Road Home, part 1

Final Girl: mother!

Episode three of Final Girl tackles one of the most divisive movies of 2017: mother! Part Biblican allegory and part psychological thriller, mother! is a rollercoaster of a film, and I recommend erring on the side of caution if you’re sensitive to gore, or idolatry, or both. Listen to the third episode of Final Girl here: As always, you can also find the episode (and … Continue reading Final Girl: mother!

7 More Things I Miss from Past Travels to 7 Cities

My last non-travel travel blog was about the things I miss from past travels, and I’ve dug up some pictures and stories to share so I can put together a part two. If you want to find out the difference between ice cream and gelato, learn about why Rizal wrote a letter to the women of Malolos, and see sculptures of babies with barcodes instead … Continue reading 7 More Things I Miss from Past Travels to 7 Cities

9 Things I Miss from Past Travels to 9 Cities

My love for traveling long predates my humble blog. So I have a lot of memories of exciting places that I didn’t document with the diligence that I try to document my more recent travels. Since the pandemic has prompted restrictions on travel for most of the world, I’ve been missing the thrill of going to new places more than usual. I originally thought of … Continue reading 9 Things I Miss from Past Travels to 9 Cities