The Long Road Home, part 1

I had always planned to return to Baguio after getting my master’s degree. Along with the looming expiration of our contract with our Pasig landlady, the COVID-19 pandemic put that plan on fast-forward. Partly due to the change of status back and forth from GCQ to ECQ to MECQ in Metro Manila, there was an overwhelming amount of information online, some of which was incomplete … Continue reading The Long Road Home, part 1

Baguio’s Best Japanese Fare at Chaya

With the thriving Japanese community in Baguio, it’s no surprise that Japanese cuisine is easy to come by – and it receives a lot of love. While Japanese-style fast food can often satisfy your cravings, once in a while, it’s nice to spoil yourself and spring for the real thing. Chaya is a popular spot among locals and tourists alike, offering authentic Japanese food in … Continue reading Baguio’s Best Japanese Fare at Chaya