A Summer Mandeko Kito Haul

The third Mandeko Kito took place on the grounds of Berkeley School, in the searing summer heat. Well, as “searing” as Baguio gets, at least. People who love crafts (and food) came together to offer their made-with-love products to like-minded buyers, and the buyers came through. I came away with just a few things, but also with a handful of new small businesses to look … Continue reading A Summer Mandeko Kito Haul

My Mandeko Kito 2 Haul

Baguio has long been a haven for art lovers, including people who love crafts and crafting. The second run of Mandeko Kito (Ibaloi for “Let’s sell!”) hosted artisans from all over the Cordilleras and ran every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of November – perfect timing to get in some Christmas shopping before the holiday rush. I made a few rounds on a rainy Friday afternoon … Continue reading My Mandeko Kito 2 Haul