A Road Trip to Ambuklao Dam and Reservoir

In these pandemic times, many of us bemoan the strict (but necessary) limitations on domestic and international travel. But, within reason, we can still enjoy road trips as long as we follow safety precautions. We took a short-but-sweet day trip to Bokod, Benguet to check out Ambuklao Dam and the attached reservoir. Ambuklao Dam is about an hour and a half drive from Baguio via … Continue reading A Road Trip to Ambuklao Dam and Reservoir

Japan Master List

On this page, you can quickly access links to my blogs and the resources that helped make my trips to Japan more comfortable, more convenient, and all around easier. Happy travels! Blogs Tips for staying on budgetFood gallery part 1 | part 2Makeup and skin care haul✾Kansai Region Attractions (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara)Osaka: Hinata No Yu onsen spaKyoto: Otani Hombyo and the Pokémon CenterHimeji: Koko-en Gardens … Continue reading Japan Master List

Five Tips for a Japan Trip on a Budget

I experienced Japan for the first time in August of 2019. After researching, planning, and actually taking the trip, this post summarizes how I managed to make the most of my time there without overspending. Book your flights during seat sales or at travel fairs I spent less than Php8,000 both ways because I booked my flight via the AirAsia app. Most non-sale round trips … Continue reading Five Tips for a Japan Trip on a Budget