Japan Master List

On this page, you can quickly access links to my blogs and the resources that helped make my trips to Japan more comfortable, more convenient, and all around easier. Happy travels!


Tips for staying on budget
Food gallery part 1 | part 2
Makeup and skin care haul

Kansai Region Attractions (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara)
Osaka: Hinata No Yu onsen spa
Kyoto: Otani Hombyo and the Pokémon Center
Himeji: Koko-en Gardens and Himeji Castle
Kobe: Mt. Rokko


Osaka: The Dorm Hostel Osaka
Kyoto: WeBase Kyoto (includes breakfast!)


Purchase your ICOCA online
If you want to ride the Shinkasen (bullet train), get a JR Pass instead
Rent a pocket wifi
First time Klook users get 12% off on ICOCA, pocket wifi rentals and more! Use the promo code NEWMAGIC at checkout.
Plan your trip and calculate fares with Google Maps

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