Final Girl: Deleter

Guess who just dropped a long-overdue episode of her podcast?! Me, the procrastinator. In episode 7 of final girl, we dive into the ethics (or lack thereof) of Deleter. Check out the episode on Spotify: Or any of these platforms: Here’s some bonus content (that I didn’t make)! Click through for Rio’s review of Deleter where she talks about Corporate Hell as a fitting stage … Continue reading Final Girl: Deleter

A Look into Nala Biodegradable Tampons

I was one of those pre-teens concerned about breaking my hymen when I should have been more worried about damaging my eardrums. Having gone to Catholic school, our “sex education” was actually abstinence education – and that’s pretty loose use of the word “education”. It might be more accurate to say something like “fear mongering” or “learning via shaming”. To the school’s credit, there was … Continue reading A Look into Nala Biodegradable Tampons

I Liked It, So I Put a Ring On It.

In case you missed it – we got engaged! One of the first conversations we had was about the timing of the wedding. We didn’t want to be pressed for time on planning and budgeting, so we decided on a long engagement. We gave ourselves a long runway – more than a year out from the engagement date. Since we were going to be engaged … Continue reading I Liked It, So I Put a Ring On It.

Final Girl: The Perfection

In the latest episode of Final Girl, we take a deep dive into the scary, sexy psychological thriller The Perfection. Plot twists abound, all set to an odd but somehow appropriate combination of classical scoring and rap tunes. I won’t give too much away, as you really need to see the movie to appreciate it. Once you’ve done that, you can listen to the episode … Continue reading Final Girl: The Perfection

Breaking Down Feminism and Feminists on The Scale of It All

In my seven years of working in broadcasting, I had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life. Radio attracts a variety of folks, some of whom aspired to be disc jockeys since childhood, others who “fell into” the profession on a whim, or out of curiosity. When I met Josh – a trainee at the station in Baguio at the time … Continue reading Breaking Down Feminism and Feminists on The Scale of It All

Final Girl: The Haunting of Bly Manor

You know what’s perfectly splendid? Recording a new episode of Final Girl after a totally unplanned hiatus! In episode five, for the first time, we talk about a series instead of a movie. In particular – The Haunting of Bly Manor. We also touch on the lockdown and men’s changing relationships, both romantic and platonic. Listen to the episode here: You can also check it … Continue reading Final Girl: The Haunting of Bly Manor

Final Girl: The Babadook

It’s time to get Babashook! In episode four of Final Girl, we talk about The Babadook. If you want to be scared but you’re not into jump scares and gratuitous gore, then you need to watch The Babadook. Underneath the creepy, unsettling exterior of the visuals is a different kind of horror – a story about loss, depression, and the drastic things they can push … Continue reading Final Girl: The Babadook

Final Girl: mother!

Episode three of Final Girl tackles one of the most divisive movies of 2017: mother! Part Biblican allegory and part psychological thriller, mother! is a rollercoaster of a film, and I recommend erring on the side of caution if you’re sensitive to gore, or idolatry, or both. Listen to the third episode of Final Girl here: As always, you can also find the episode (and … Continue reading Final Girl: mother!