We Got Engaged.

On the morning of December 5th, I was wondering how to tell my friends that I didn’t feel like shooting a video we had planned. In other words – being a flake. You know how you make plans when you’re excited and full of energy, but then on the day, you feel like doing nothing instead? It happens to me sometimes. Still, I usually end up following through on the plans and having a good time anyway.

So on December 5th, instead of doing nothing at home, I got engaged.

We did end up shooting the video. It was a legitimate reason to get dressed up and dolled up. I just didn’t know there would be another reason in a couple hours. My friends (who were all in on the plan) told me that afterwards we would head to Cafe de Angelo to check out some of their new offerings. I had bought tickets to Ben & Ben’s online concert, which was happening on the same night, so I hedged a bit, wondering if we would get home in time to see the start. I figured it was still pretty early, and if we were still out by the time the concert started, I’d just watch the beginning on my phone.

This was the second wrench I’d inadvertently thrown in EJ’s plan. And there would have been a third! I was thinking of changing into something more comfortable before going to the cafe. My friends would later tell me about the silent panic they shared when I mentioned it. I didn’t follow through.

But even with me messing with the plan, things went smoothly. We got to the cafe and I was surprised to see it already occupied – upon closer inspection, by a quartet. And coincidentally, they were singing a Ben & Ben song. I was confused, to say the least. I thought it would just be us tasting and documenting the food, not another set of bloggers. Or was this a bigger event than I anticipated – one that called for live music? I was partly right.

I walked up to the sitting area and it was decked out in flowers, candles, fairy lights, and lanterns. One of the neon lights spelled out “Will You Marry Me?”. And in the middle of it all was EJ.

I stopped in my tracks. For a second, my mind went blank. The next second, the only thought in there was “I’m not ready for this.”

But I walked over, he hugged me, and I felt safe. I felt sure.

So when he popped the question, with teary eyes, on shaky legs, I said yes.

From the world pausing at a standstill, things then happened very fast. His family and some of our friends, as well as the Cafe de Angelo team, emerged from their hiding places. There was a loud demand of “Ano? Tama ba ‘yung sagot?!” (Thanks, Riley.) Hugs and congratulations were exchanged. All the while, the choir was singing another Ben & Ben song – Ride Home, which the band had also played on one of our very first dates, and given us a shout-out when they introduced it. We dined and drank.

I wondered who I would call to share the news. As they – all of them – told me about the plan I had almost overturned, I realized that most of the important people in my life already knew. In fact, some of them knew months and months before I did. Just a few days before, I was catching up with one of my dearest friends, Marie, completely clueless that she was also keeping me busy while EJ picked up the ring. And as a good friend does, she stealthily made sure my nails were done, under the guise of “There’s a great new place I’ve been going to; you should try it too!” Till now, when people ask me if I knew I would get engaged, I answer honestly – I was in the dark. As far as I knew, we were just there to take some pictures and videos of some new dishes. I ended up video calling my work friends. It was short and sweet.

We made it home in time for the concert and watched it together over (more) celebratory drinks.

I love lazy, no-plan days spent doing nothing at home. But this was a nice alternative.

2 thoughts on “We Got Engaged.

  1. I created a wordpress account just to react to this assfhjsk. Still on my toes about this. I remember when my brother told us about his plans. Stay strong, you two!


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