I Liked It, So I Put a Ring On It.

In case you missed it – we got engaged!

One of the first conversations we had was about the timing of the wedding. We didn’t want to be pressed for time on planning and budgeting, so we decided on a long engagement. We gave ourselves a long runway – more than a year out from the engagement date.

Since we were going to be engaged for so long, I wanted EJ to have something to wear in the time leading up to the wedding, too. So for Christmas, I got him his own engagement band.

We checked out some pieces from Suki Jewelry. Each of their product pages have information on the materials and finish.

Shopping online for anything wearable can be tricky. Suki also has a helpful page with tips for figuring out your ring size (and sizes for all the other kinds of jewelry they offer).

EJ picked out the Boyfie Ciggie Ring in 14K white gold.

He also had the inside engraved with my name in hiragana.

Check out Suki Jewelry on Facebook and Instagram for more photos and updates.

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