Breaking Down Feminism and Feminists on The Scale of It All

In my seven years of working in broadcasting, I had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life. Radio attracts a variety of folks, some of whom aspired to be disc jockeys since childhood, others who “fell into” the profession on a whim, or out of curiosity. When I met Josh – a trainee at the station in Baguio at the time – I was surprised to learn that he’s a registered nurse.

Fast forward to July of 2021, and we’re in different fields of work and different countries. We hadn’t spoken in a few years, and opted to catch up on his unstructured, anything-goes podcast, The Scale of It All, where he chats with people of different professions and backgrounds, much like the variety of people who go into radio. It all seemed apt.

Stream the episode below to hear us address important questions related to feminism: What is feminism? Who is it for? Who can and should call themselves “feminist”? And most important of all: Is Lady GaGa for everyone? (Spoiler alert for that last one: “Yes.”)

Check out The Scale of It All on Spotify and Apple Podcasts for more stories.

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