A Summer Mandeko Kito Haul

The third Mandeko Kito took place on the grounds of Berkeley School, in the searing summer heat. Well, as “searing” as Baguio gets, at least. People who love crafts (and food) came together to offer their made-with-love products to like-minded buyers, and the buyers came through.

I came away with just a few things, but also with a handful of new small businesses to look up next time I need a gift for a friend or when the holidays rolls around.

I was on my way out when this stall with a table of candles, linen sprays, and diffusers caught my eye. The Purple Garden offers a couple of different scents for making your nights in more relaxing. I like to keep a scented candle in my bathroom and bedroom, and I go through them pretty quickly.

I got a 50-gram Sweet Cheers candle – their strawberry champagne scent – and a 180-gram Bittersweet candle. Bittersweet is a sweet coffee scent, and even though I don’t really drink coffee anymore, I still love the smell. Definitely one to look out for if you enjoy that “coffee shop smell”, too.

This headband was one of many offerings from Layad di Kordilyera, which sells products from a variety of Cordilleran entrepreneurs. Aside from crafts, they also have snacks, spreads, dips, and coffee.

I usually wear the headband while working out to keep my hair out of my face. The bow in the middle is removable, so if you prefer to move it or to have the material flat against your head, all you have to do is untie it.

These face masks and choker were finds from Inabel ni Ina – literally “Woven by Ina”. I like how the shape of the masks makes them a snug fit against my face compared to a surgical mask or some flimsier cloth masks. The choker, meanwhile, is deceptively lightweight and is secured by a simple velcro patch in the back.

Although restrictions have gotten less strict compared to when the lockdowns first started, it’s still so important to support small businesses, and your own city is a fantastic place to start. Please take some time to check out these sellers next time a loved one’s birthday is coming up, or really any milestone or gift-worthy occasion:

The Purple GardenFacebook | Instagram | Shopee
Layad di KordilyeraFacebook | Instagram | Shopee
Inabel ni InaFacebook

Want more? Check out my previous Mandeko Kito haul post.

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