Getting Our Scrambled Egg Fix at the Yolk Food Truck

If you happen to be walking around Burnham Park, getting some fresh air and sunshine or having a pandemic-safe meetup with friends, you might stumble across a light blue truck. There’s a good chance there will be a line at the window, too. When Yolk Korean Egg Sandwiches set up shop, you can bet it’s worth the wait.

We saw the sandwiches on friends’ posts and decided to hunt them down. You can find them at one end of the biking area – the side near the Children’s Park. Their menu consists of a few variations of sandwiches, some add-ons, coffee, and tea.

We wanted the full experience, so tried their Jagpum. This one’s fully loaded – bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and of course, a heaping serving of creamy, fluffy scrambled eggs. Add a Korean egg pancake to make it extra filling.

The first thing I noticed (aside from how good it looked!) was the bread. It was soft with just a little crunch on the outside, kind of like a burger bun but firmer, which I enjoyed. Just a warning if you’re ordering the same thing: it’s messy (in the best way). I encourage you to go wild and inhale the whole thing, but if you want to avoid it falling all over your clothes, eat strategically.

Many of their customers get their food to go, but if you’re lucky, you’ll show up just in time to grab a vacant table. We got ours and liked our sandwiches so much that we ordered more. Their Dwaeji is a simple savory combo of ham, cheese, and of course, scrambled eggs. We munched on ours while taking shelter from the rain under their awning – it started pouring just as I was walking back to the car to get an umbrella. Our shoes were soaked, but the freshly assembled sandwiches were a nice consolation.

We ended up finishing our food and walking through the rain back to where we parked. We’ll definitely be back (next time, with umbrella in tow) for more.

To stay up-to-date on their schedule and location, check out Yolk Korean Egg Sandwiches on Facebook.

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