Daily Games for People who Love Wordle

Since its rise to popularity in December last year, Wordle has become a daily habit for many of us who love puzzles. The premise is simple: you have six tries to figure out a five-letter word, and each try, you get some clues. The clues tell you which letters are not in the word, which are, and whether you got the ones that are in the correct order.

Part of the fun of Wordle is seeing your personal stats and sharing your win (or loss) with friends. We only get one new Wordle a day, though, so I put together a list of other word games to fill the waiting time – and of course, for more chances to flex on my word-game-loving friends.


Quordle works the same as Wordle, except that you’re playing four games at once. After your first guess, you get clues for each of the four words. It’s a little dizzying at first, but don’t worry. You get nine chances to get them all – three more than the OG game. The site also offers a practice mode where you can play as many games as you want.


If Quordle isn’t confusing enough for you, wait til you give Octordle a shot. As you might’ve guessed from the name, it’s twice the insanity of Quordle. Eight consecutive games, this time with 13 chances to solve them all! Like Wordle and Quordle, there’s one new game a day, but you can get your fix anytime, as much as you want, in Free mode.


Cladder is an exciting change of pace from Wordle and its contemporaries. It’s the only game on the list that’s timed. Here, you have ten words to guess. You’ll get a starter word and a clue for the next one. You only need to change one letter in the starter word to make the next one – and so on, until you get to the tenth word. If you’re stumped, you have the option to skip up to two times. How do you win? Guess all ten words within one minute. And how do you get all ten words in one minute? Don’t panic when you mistype an answer, like I do. Access Practice mode and the whole (all playable!) Cladder Archive from their main menu.


In Waffle, you’re trying to guess six different five-letter words that share a first, middle, and last letter with one of the other words on the board. The color-coded clues work the same as Wordle, Quordle, and Octordle – green for a correct letter in the correct place, yellow for a correct letter in the wrong place (it can apply horizontally or vertically), and gray for a letter that doesn’t “fit” either horizontally or vertically. One feature I really like is the definitions or each word popping up after the game ends.


Weaver is similar to Cladder in that you’re only changing one letter per turn. However, the goal isn’t to guess any words. It’s to get from the top word to the bottom word – that is, make the top word “turn into” the bottom word – in as few steps as possible. They have to be real words. You can’t make up random letter combinations to force the letters to look right. Trust me, I’ve tried.


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