Hot Drinks and Cool Views at M&N Viewdeck Cafe

We headed down Loakan Road early in the morning for post-breakfast coffee and snacks at M&N Viewdeck Cafe. It was a long but pleasant ride coming from the city center. There’s a sharp, awkward turn entering the parking area, so if you’re the one behind the wheel, drive carefully.

Although it doesn’t look that big from the outside, there are actually three different levels from which you can enjoy the amazing view that M&N has to offer. We stayed at ground level and enjoyed the breeze and sunshine while we ate. The upper level is enclosed. However, there’s a balcony where you can get a better vantage point. If you’re heading down to the lowest level, brace yourself for some steep stairs. This section is open-air but with a roof, and offers tables for larger groups.

We had assumed that the cafe served only snacks and drinks. But we were happily surprised to find that they also have a wide selection of breakfast meals, pizzas, pastas, and desserts. Since we had already eaten before coming over, we snacked on kamote cheese rolls and pancakes.

The food was served hot, and the kamote cheese rolls oozed when we cut into them. They’re a nice combination of sweet and savory, and surprisingly filling – probably because of the kamote. The pancakes were fluffy and served lightly drizzled with syrup. As we saw heavier meals being brought out of the kitchen, we were tempted to order more. We ended up deciding to come back another time to sample their other offerings.

For drinks, we had brewed coffee, macchiatos, and milk tea. They have an impressive selection of hot and cold drinks. If you enjoy the coffee, you can take some home with you! Ask at the counter about their coffee beans and grounds.

While the food and drinks were great, the biggest selling point for the cafe is the gorgeous view. No matter where you sit, you’ll be treated to a panoramic scene: lush greenery and blue mountains in the distance. We visited them early in the morning when the sun was high in the sky and saw sparse clouds weaving in and out of the summits.

If you’re after an unobstructed view of the sunset, the best place to sit is the lowest level. If you do opt to sit elsewhere, you can always head over there after your meal and get a few pictures before leaving.

See M&N Viewdeck Cafe’s full menu and get directions on their website. For more updates, follow them on Facebook.

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