Legit Shawarma and More at Big Brother’s Biryani Snack House

For authentic, filling Mediterranean food, we keep coming back to Big Brother’s Biryani Snack House. It’s one of Baguio’s hidden gems, tucked away on Malvar Street – out of the way from the city center, but completely worth it.

Their cheese paratha is simple comfort food. It’s flaky, savory flatbread stuffed with melted cheese. The outside is just slightly crispy. The paratha is normally an appetizer or side dish, but it’s deceptively heavy.

As the restaurant’s name suggests, their biryani is a must-try. They offer chicken, beef, and vegetable biryani. Pictured above is their beef biryani. If you opt to make it spicy, brace yourself! You can offset the heat from the chili pieces with a bit of garlic sauce.

Big Brother’s also sells shawarma – both shawarma rice meals and wraps. If you’re used to “Pinoy-style” shawarma, this is a bit of a departure. The biggest difference is the fries, which make the shawarma more filling. Like the biryani, you can order it mild or spicy.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos, but Big Brother’s also sells fantastic yogurt drinks in a variety of flavors. Try one out when you visit them or take a jug home with you.

Big Brother’s Biryani Snack House is located at #90 Malvar Street. They usually open in the afternoon and close late at night.

Menu items can run out quickly on busy nights, so it’s best to call ahead and check in if you’re coming from a long distance away. Contact them at 09215607901.

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