Seollem Cafe serves Korean Food, Drinks, and Aesthetics

Sometimes I look back at that first lockdown back in March of 2020, and I know I’m not alone in having binge watched Crash Landing on You. I don’t drink coffee, so I never got on the dalgona bandwagon, but the K-drama series offered a bit of comfort and levity in a scary time.

CLOY fans will be thrilled to discover Seollem Cafe – a Korean cafe whose interior design pulls inspiration from female lead Yoon Seri’s apartment. That’s the second floor – the first floor has elements of the restaurant in Itaewon class. (Still on my list!)

Although the ambience is dreamy and the dining space is Instagrammable, the real draw of Seollem is the food. We made a reservation one sunny Saturday to try it out for ourselves.

Seollem has a decent-sized menu, notably with a wide selection of lattes, teas, and coffees. Whether you want yours hot, iced, or blended is up to you – just be sure to let the server know. We opted to keep it simple with banana milk (You’ll understand why in a minute) and an iced coffee.

Seollem’s hot dishes are HOT. Their spicy food is delicious, but definitely not for the faint of heart. We got an order of Fire Chicken to share, plus some mozarella on the side to dip it in. The cheese helps neutralize the heat a bit. It’s a nice savory combination. If your mouth still hurts, take a sip of banana milk. They also offer strawberry milk!

If you aren’t a fan of spicy food but still want to try the chicken, you can go for one of their other flavors: original, yangyeom (spicy but not as intense as fire), cheese, garlic parmesan, soy, or Korean buffalo.

We also got an order of Bulgogi Pasta. The bulgogi is similar to the type you’d get at a samgyupsal joint, just a bit less oily. I asked for this to be smothered in cheese as well. It’s supposed to be a meal for one, but it’s pretty filling – always good to share.

Their kimbap is good for sharing as well. It comes in original flavor, egg, tonkatsu, and spicy chicken. We went for the tonkatsu. It’s great with the dipping sauce, but try a piece on its own first. They don’t skimp on the seasoning.

It was a great experience and we’ve been back a few times since! On our next visit, we’d love to have our meal al fresco – weather permitting, of course. We also have a ton more drinks we’re excited to try.

Important reminder: remember to clean as you go! You’ll have to order at the counter, collect your food and drinks when they’re ready, and bus your own table. The “dish out” area is on the first floor.

Seollem Cafe is located behind K-Mart, along Kennon Road. They are open from 10:00am to 9:00pm. While they do accept walk-ins, seats are limited. Your best bet is to make a reservation ahead of time. Click through for their full menu as well!

Check out more updates and photos on their Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok accounts.

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