Even More Sweets in Baguio

If you’re like me, you always have room for dessert. Lucky for us, some of the best restaurants in Baguio offer sweet endings in the form of pastries, cakes, and other sugary delights. Here are some of my favorites so far:

Canto is probably best known for their Lomo Ribs – and for good reason! But don’t miss out on their other offerings. I’m a fan of their s’mores brownie. This is a solo serving. It also comes ala mode, which is awesome for when you can’t decide between brownies and ice cream.

Check out Canto on Facebook for more photos and updates.

One of my absolute favorite restaurants in Baguio is Lemon and Olives. They serve incredible Greek food with a view. They don’t skimp on the servings, so if you’re planning on having dessert, come hungry! This is their single-serving carrot cake. That’s cream cheese frosting on top and peeking through the layers.

Follow Lemon and Olives on Facebook for more. More Lemon and Olives desserts here!

This one could be considered a dessert or a light breakfast. The Bistro by Hill Station in Camp John Hay offers a parfait-style granola and home-made low fat yogurt with honey on the side. It’s a less indulgent alternative to their cakes and pies.

For their full menu and more photos, check out Hill Station’s website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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