Get Your Next Lobster Dinner from Shrimp Pirate

I wrote about The Shrimp Pirate a few months back in my Calle Uno Food Hub post. We chowed down on their shrimp and mussel rice meals with just the right cajun kick to wake up your senses. The airy (and therefore safer than indoor) dining experience is great, but sometimes, it’s better to keep the party at home.

At-home gatherings can still be plenty indulgent, especially with party trays from The Shrimp Pirate. We love their seafood mix with a generous serving of shrimp and a whole lobster on top! Like with their solo plates, you have a choice of garlic butter sauce, spicy sauce or cajun sauce, as well as a few different size options depending on how many people you’re feeding.

They also sell grilled chicken by the tray. It’s perfectly marinated and the skin is just slightly crispy – a nice alternative (or better yet, addition) for when you need to accommodate people with allergies.

Check out more photos, their full menu, and details for take out and delivery (They deliver!) on Facebook. Their restaurant is now located at 155 Chrome Street. For more updates, follow them on Instagram, too, and be sure to tag them when you get your fix!

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