A Seafood (and More!) Party for Two at Calle Uno Food Hub

On a Sunday when we were bound for BenCab museum, we wanted to have a late lunch date somewhere on the way – preferably somewhere we had never eaten before. The Quezon Hill area came to mind, and although we had dined at Calle Uno Food Hub before, it had been long enough that there were a handful of establishments that were new to us.

As I mentioned in my previous food blog, craving seafood when you’re in Baguio can be tricky. That’s why The Shrimp Pirate is such a gem. They offer huge platters of paella, shrimp, crab, squid, and more, as well as alternatives to seafood like grilled chicken and sausages.

For solo diners and small groups, they also have solo rice meals. We got a heaping serving of cajun shrimp and spicy shrimp and mussels, each with buttered French beans on the side. Before you even take your first bite, the smell will take you on an olfactory journey to the seaside. We dug in with plastic gloves that came with the meal (a must-have for any “hands-on” dining in these pandemic times) and all but wiped our plates clean. These pictures are just a tiny sampling of their menu, so be sure to like them on Facebook for more.

On the side – though for its size, you probably wouldn’t consider it a side dish – we had an order of chili cheese sausage and fries from Happy Bun. It’s a great snack-slash-meal for those days when you want to indulge in fried food smothered in melted cheese. For us, that’s most days of the week.

Happy Bun serves sandwiches, nachos, fries, and more comfort food. Don’t miss out on their group deals for duos and groups of four or even twelve. They have your next party covered. Learn more by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Newly opened Nest Coffee Roasters offers a cozy space to enjoy your coffee outdoors. This time, we opted for some refreshing iced lemon and lime tea, but we’ll definitely be back to try their other drinks. They also have baked goods to pair with your brew and even mochi ice cream. See more photos and updates on their Facebook page or their website.

Calle Uno is also a fabulous events and coworking space! Check out their offerings at their website.

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