Baked Krumbs’ Amazing Lemon Tarts

Sometimes, you need a pick-me-up – and that pick-me-up needs a little kick. That’s exactly what I got with these fabulous lemon tarts from Baked Krumbs.

Before we even get into the taste, I want to show some love for how pretty they are. The bright yellow color of the filling put me in a sunny mood, even in the gloomy weather. And it’s framed by a beautifully browned crust.

I was anticipating a more solid center when I cut it down the middle. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was actually soft and gooey instead. That, contrasting with the firm crust, made for a nice texture for the pastry.

The sour-and-sweet balance was just right! I also liked how creamy the filling was. There was a sprinkling of what I think were toasted coconut flakes on top – yet another pleasant surprise. It’s perfect for a sweet ending to a meal, or a snack with your afternoon tea.

For more photos and updates about Baked Krumbs, check them out of Facebook. Expect delicious things really soon!

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