Gastronomy and Chill at Terramoré Spa and Restaurant

Terramoré Spa and Restaurant recently opened its doors along Bakakeng Road – the part of Bakakeng with a gorgeous view at night. They offer a variety of spa services, a sauna, and a Himalayan pink salt room.

We saw their ads online and decided to get a package deal that included welcome drinks, a massage, and a three-course meal. We headed over there in the early evening and were greeted with cold drinks garnished with cucumber.

We waited a while in their decked-out lobby. There was soft music piped in and samples of their body scrubs laid out for customers to see (and smell). Once everything was ready, we were led to the spa part of the building, which is on a different floor than the restaurant.

Both of us went with the Terramoré combination massage. It’s a 90-minute service. The masseur will ask you which area you’d like them to focus on before the massage starts. I requested more pressure on my shoulders and upper back since that’s where I “carry” a lot of tension. After the massage, the relaxation continues with a pot of hot tea. Ours was served in the restaurant before we tucked into the proper meal.

You’ll be asked to choose your food when you set an appointment. We found the menu interesting, so we made sure to try different dishes from each other for each course.

For appetizers, we got a vista burger and highland pizza. They’re not a “burger” or “pizza” in the traditional sense. The vista burger was neatly tucked into a brioche bun. There was a nice hit of acidity with the pickled onions on top.

The highland pizza is more of a roll. I like that the protein was chicken. I picked it out in anticipation of the heartier meat-based meal I got for the main course. It’s topped with mozzarella cheese and comes with tangy barbecue sauce on the side.

For mains, we had bœuf bourguinon and their take on classic Pinoy pork steak. The bœuf bourguinon was served over pasta, with a generous portion of vegetables. Their version of pork steak is less salty than the kind you might be familiar with. Instead of a soy sauce and citrus marinade, it comes with a light gravy. The cut of meat sat atop some fluffy mashed potatoes.

All of their dessert options sounded pretty indulgent on the menu. We went with a pizookie and crème brûlée. As its name suggests, the pizookie is a cookie the size of a personal pizza. The waiter brought it over in a hot plate, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was chewy with just slightly crispy edges.

There’s something so satisfying about cracking the sugar on top of a crème brûlée. So of course, that’s exactly what we did. The custard was underneath a disk of crunchy caramelized sugar and a dusting of confectioner’s sugar on top of that, giving the look and taste another layer.

We finished off the meal with champagne (me) and coffee (him) before heading home. Throughout the meal, the service was fast and friendly. We’ll definitely be coming back for more.

Terramoré Spa and Restaurant is located at #18 Bakakeng Norte Road. For more info on their offerings, check out their website or follow them on Facebook and Tiktok.

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